REVIEW: In the name of freedom: Ahfazur Rahman Sub Se Barri Jang

AHFAZUR Rahman’s 590-page tome is the second book to come out in recent months on Pakistani journalists’ struggle for press freedom. The one to hit the market earlier was Dr Tauseef Ahmad Khan’s book (Azadi-e-Sahafat ki Jidojahad mein Akhbari Tanzeemoon ka Kirdar). There is a major difference, though: Dr Khan’s work covered the press scene in South Asia since the days of the East India Company, while Rahman’s book concerns itself solely with the 1977-78 movement. The styles also differ. While D

Review by Intizaar Hussain: Searching for hope amid despair

Professor Sahar Ansari tells us that Karachi in days gone by enjoyed a cafe culture, which imparted to it a distinctive character. As depicted by him, the cafes flourishing in the city were the favorite haunts of the intellectuals who, with cups of tea before them, discussed for hours problems of all sorts, local and international, ideological and non-ideological. Sahar Ansari is right. But I may add that such scenes of heated discussions over a cup of tea could also be seen in the early years

KARACHI: Writer says imperialism country’s biggest enemy

KARACHI, Feb 22: Eminent writers, poets, literary critics and people from various walks of life gathered at the Arts Council at the launch of journalist and man of letters Ahfazur Rahman’s books, Jang jaari rahegi, Nayee Alif Laila, Tareekh-i--Cheen and Chuan Lai (biography). The literati paid tribute to Rahman’s contribution to literature and academics, calling the works an in-depth analysis on today’s political situation. Noted historian and human rights activist Dr Jafar Ahmed, while congrat...

Sab Se Bari Jang launched (Dawn)

KARACHI: It does not happen very often when Karachi’s intellectual crème de la crème gather under one roof. It happened on Saturday evening when a book detailing the movement for freedom of expression of 1977-78 titled Sab Se Bari Jang, written and compiled by eminent journalist and poet Ahfazur Rehman, was launched at the Arts Council. Mehnaz Rehman, rights activist and Ahfazur Rehman’s wife, gave a heartfelt account of the troubles she and her husband had to face during Gen Ziaul Haq’s rule a

A book that looks back at a pernicious era

Karachi Accolades were heaped on noted journalist, leftist leader and champion of democracy and egalitarianism, Ahfaz-ur-Rahman, for his book, “Sab Se Bari Jang”, a chronicling of the movement for the freedom of the press by journalists in 1977-78 when journalists were incarcerated and flogged for their struggle for freedom of the press and unhindered information by then president General Ziaul Haq and his coterie. The book launch that took place at the Arts Council Saturday evening included a

‘Zinda Hai Zindagi’: Ahfazur Rahman’s poems hide messages of misfortunes in an optimistic title

The collec­tion of poems by journa­list and writer Ahfazu­r Rahman depict­s Pakist­an’s predic­aments. KARACHI: Zinda Hai Zindagi, translated as ‘life goes on’, is a title that denotes hope but the poems inside pen only the misfortunes of life in Karachi and the country at large. This collection of poems by journalist and writer Ahfazur Rahman was launched on Thursday during a special session at the sixth International Urdu Conference taking place over this weekend at the Karachi Arts Council.
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