Ahfaz ur Rahman Award for Courage and Freedom of Expression

The Ahfaz-ur-Rahman Award for Courage and Freedom of Expression is named after journalist, poet, writer and trade unionist Ahfaz ur Rahman, who spent his life struggling against oppression, and for the freedom of expression in Pakistan. Presented by the Rahman family, the award is dedicated to political and cultural freedom, diversity and creativity, and extends recognition and support for exceptional people who further these causes including journalists, writers, poets and trade unionists.

The Award recognizes the urgent need and invaluable worth of people whose work creates space for fearless and rational discourse and activism aimed at social justice. We understand that rising intolerance and autrocratism in the world fueled by economic injustice, globalization and climate change, threatens us all and requires contributions from people of all regions and ethnicities. Therefore, the award aims at awarding prizes those individuals who have furthered the cause of freedom of expression in Pakistan.

The list of jury members comprises distinguished intellectuals and activists, who will decide on the awardees each year, whose details may be found here: Jury Members. Also more details on the Award Structure may be found here.

In 2022, the lifetime achievement award was presented to Mr. Amar Jaleel, the fearless writer and journalist for his steadfastness in raising his dissenting voice through his writings in Sindhi, Urdu and English. The contemporary award was presented to the courageous journalist Ms. Asma Shirazi who has garnered a justly honorable reputation for her principled reporting and analysis amid a barrage of unscrupulous attacks. See here for more details